Hohenkirchener Kirche durch das Tor

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At the church gate

Welcome to a photographic tour of the church at Hohenkirchen (in Mecklenburg Vorpommern)! I visited this Church back in 2004 and found it a little gem that had survived and been cared for despite being located in the former Eastern Germany. I created the tour initially as a German language site but have now added the English index and Church plan so that others may enjoy the tour too.

The pictures and links are in most cases self explanatory - just imagine that you are a visitor taking a walk around the Chruch from the front door, through the aisle, to the balcony and then into the spire. However, you can find an English list of page titles and direct links to each page by going to "Kirchenplan" (see below). By familiarising yourself with just 4 German words, below you will be navigating the site with ease!

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A photographic tour by Chris Thomas, http://www.miltoncontact.com/Kunst-Fotografie.html

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