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Welcome to Port Excursion

Enjoy the views and then travel on to your next destination in this cruise via visual gates within the landscape. You can also transfer to alternative modes of transport via the controls at the bottom of the page.

Description of Excursion:

Excursion is a relatively recent branch of the parallel worlds based on Earth. Here the Millenium Dome was recognised as a success in the final months of the year 2000 and continues to be a tourist destination. The sun shines brightly onto the elegantly descending canopy, set against a backdrop of a blue sky sullied by the merest streaks and candyfloss puffs of cloud. The clear distinction from the original Earth lies in the sweep of four artificial hyperlink gates which boldly invite the traveller to novel sights. Their stark rectangular form setting a counterpoint to the elegant curves of the domes cusped edges.

This year MiltonCruiser offers access to four excursions from the Dome. The first, ironically, is to the Dome in its Millenial year and gives a glimpse of the entertainment of the day. The second takes you on a short trip to the Beach at Hunstanton before the main season. Trip three is to the gardens and trains at Bressingham. Trip four wanders around the Village of Milton, just north of Cambridge.

Those cruising from location to location through the visual hyperlinks will notice that some sites offer two paths and may find themselves unexpectedly on different excursions from the three other central destinations other than Excursion, namely Flora, Micro and Gallery. This is intentional, for travel should always include the new with the familiar!


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