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Dear Traveller,

Welcome to MiltonCruiser, a unique and varied collection of journeys to various Worlds! You have three modes of transport throughout the journey which are freely interchangeable at any stop.

Start using the hyperlinks in the top row of the table below OR by clicking on the pictures on these pages and the links hidden within them, generally identified by an oval, square or unusual feature.

 Luxury Cruise

 Single trips

 Economy Visit

 Example - Millenium Dome with gate links
 Luxury Cruise: Travel in a leisurely way from from the worlds of exuberant gardens and their flowers to strange and yet beautiful microcosms. You gently cruise from scenic location to location through hyperlink 'gates' that can be found within each view.
Single Trips:  For those short visits, choose a destination world and then select a direct hyperlink to your preferred scene. Icons and text facilitate rapid transit.
 Economy visits: For a low cost, no-nonsense, no frills connection to a chosen scene from an ordered list of hyperlinks

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 Info about Chris and other links on the web

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An interactive Space Journey

Bridge moving over A14 (331kb)


  1. Gateway- Link to four worlds below
    1. Excursion
      1. The Millenium Dome
        1. Exterior of the Dome
        2. View from Body Zone
        3. Giant football table
        4. Dirigible balloon
        5. Millenium show - Autumn leaves
        6. Millenium show - Tower of doom
        7. The Recovery Zone
      2. Beach at Hunstanton
        1. Trees near Castle Rising
        2. Bark on a tree by Castle Rising
        3. The lighthouse at Hunstanton
        4. Hunstanton beach panorama
        5. View to the cliffs at Hunstanton
        6. Closer view of Hunstanton cliffs
      3. The Gardens and Trains of Bressingham
        1. Alan Bloom Light Railway
        2. The Dell Garden
        3. Astilbes
        4. Foliage
        5. Bressingham Steam Roundabout
        6. Steam Truck
        7. Traction engine
        8. Maennertreu Light Railway
      4. Around the Village of Milton
        1. Milton floods on a February night
        2. Venus reflected in night time floods
        3. February 2001 floods, morning view from lock
        4. Bettys Hair Design
        5. October 2001 floods, reflected trees
        6. October 2001 floods, view to the river
        7. October 2001 floods in the morning
        8. A fellow traveller, the head louse
        9. The river on a snowy january night
        10. The lock
        11. Starch from a potato from Tesco
    2. Flora
      1. Bressingham Gardens
      2. Botanic Garden, Wales
        1. View from entrance
        2. Lily
        3. Astilbe
        4. Arches and Doors
        5. Interior of Greenhouse
        6. Lobelia
        7. Aristea
        8. Limonium
        9. Aloe
        10. Second View from Entrance
      3. Flowers
        1. Orchid
        2. Solanum
        3. Sunflower
        4. Garden in Little Downham
        5. Pelargonium
        6. Physalis
      4. Leaves
        1. Fern
        2. Oak
        3. Nasturtium
        4. Sycamore
        5. Eucalyptus
        6. Flowering Currant
      5. Fungal foray Thetford
        1. Sulphur tuft fungi
        2. Amethyst deceiver
        3. Geastrum triplex
        4. Destroying Angel?
        5. Maple leaf
        6. Yellow Stainer
        7. Bracket fungi on bark
        8. Lichen on a twig
        9. Collection of fungi
    3. Gallery
      1. Watercolours
        1. Christmas Cactus
        2. Still Life
        3. Diatom
        4. Hebrew Clock
        5. Unusual Roman Pot
      2. Black and white illustrations
        1. The Diatom Triceratum
        2. Dandelion Seeds
        3. Portrait 01
        4. Portrait02
        5. Dandelion flower
        6. Template for a window painting
      3. Scanner photographs
        1. Beans
        2. Rice composition
        3. Snowman and his dog, Blaize
        4. Two Angels
        5. FLowering Cherry Leaves
    4. Micro
      1. Scanner
        1. Ammonite
        2. Cranefly wings
        3. Oriental Poppy
        4. Wild carrot
        5. Hollyhock
      2. Projection
        1. Bumblebee wings
        2. Large cabbage white butterfly caterpillar
        3. Gyrinus (Whirligig beetle) larva
        4. Taraxacum (dandelion) flower
        5. Equisetum (horsetail) cone
      3. Low Power
        1. Kennack Sand
        2. Marine debris
        3. Seeds
        4. Sea Mat
        5. Sole skin
      4. Microscope
        1. Crystals of Barium platinocyanide
        2. Nit on a human hair
        3. Scales on a butterfly wing
        4. Radula of Limpet
        5. Diatom triceratum

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