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Welcome to Port Gateway

Enjoy the views and then travel on to your next destination on this cruise via visual gates within the landscape. You can also transfer to alternative modes of transport via the controls at the lower right of the page.

Description of Gateway:

Gateway was one of the first worlds discovered with natural hyperlink gates scattered over its surface and hence gave its name. MiltonCruiser chose this particular location due to the fortuitious presence of four safe gates taking the form of natural pools. The gates lead to the four worlds on this cruise on which we have arranged a variety of diverting local trips. These worlds are: Flora - aptly famed for its abundance of flowers. Excursion - a sightseeing must! Micro - a world where we are dimensionally compressed and experience the strange beauty of the small world normally beyond our perception and finally, Gallery - a small trading and exhibition post for local visual arts.

'Safe' gates on Gateway have always been highly prized. We are fortunate that our gates lie within a landscape of stone-age stone circles on gently rolling green hills against a mountainous backdrop. These were presumably erected in prehistoric times in appreciation of the fortuitious nature of the gates which could only have been discovered by trial and error.

Travellers with a penchant for mid-twentieth century fantasy fiction may feel that Gateway bears an uncanny resemblance to 'The Wood Between the Worlds' of C S Lewis's 'The Magicians Nephew'. Indeed, other valley locations on Gateway are more heavily wooded and could easily fit Lewis's description. Academic debate on the issue of whether C S Lewis book actually described real events circles on the absence of guinea pigs in the local fauna. The 'Anti C S Lewis visit' lobby claims that this is clear evidence that he did not know of Gateway and merely invented a similar world. The 'Pro' lobby argue that the guinea pigs dispatched as described in the book could have been of the same sex and therefore not propagated.

Whatever the merits of the arguments, we respectfully request that the more enthusiastic travellers refrain from trying unmarked gates as these could be hazardous!



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