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Welcomes you to Port Flora

Enjoy the views and then travel on to your next destination in this cruise via visual gates within the landscape. You can also transfer to alternative modes of transport via the controls at the lower right of the page.

Description of Flora

Flora is the ideal starting point for the gardeners and horticulturists. Long established as a garden planet due to its temperate climate and sympathetic landscaping. We look out here onto a recreation of the gardens at Bressingham, England. The scattered flower beds, vibrant with colour and structure, are set in lawns bordered by deciduous and evergreen trees. A willow in the foreground leans over an established pool that is bordered by sloping beds on three sides with sedum in the foreground and a fine fern on the far side. A shallow stone terrace from the right invites closer inspection. Only the four globes of hyperlink gates in the scene remind us that this is not quite as Bressingham would be! Look around the gardens before you travel on.

The gates lead to four different excursions. The first is the Botanic Gardens of Wales as seen in June 2001. The second is a close look at a selection of flower images. The third trip reveals the beaty of autumnal leaves and the last journey is a fungal foray in the woods of Thetford.

Those cruising from location to location through the visual hyperlinks will notice that some sites offer two paths and may find themselves unexpectedly on different excursions from the three other central destinations other than Flora, namely Excursion, Micro and Gallery. This is intentional, for travel should always include the new with the familiar!


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