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Enjoy the views and then travel on to your next destination in this cruise via visual gates within the landscape. You can also transfer to alternative modes of transport via the controls at the lower right of the page.


Description of Gallery

Gallery is a small trading post for artefacts from a variety of sources. Here we have a room dedicated to links to a few rustic visual art exhibitions. The first shows a selection of watercolours from antique glassware to the delicate sculpturing on a microscopic diatom frustule. The second covers a range of black and white illustrations, from cartoon portraits to scientific illustrations. The third demonstrates the versatility of using the humble scanner to create stunning photographs.

Those cruising from location to location through the visual hyperlinks will notice that some sites offer two paths and may find themselves unexpectedly on different excursions from the three other central destinations other than Gallery, namely Flora, Micro and Excursion. This is intentional, for travel should always include the new with the familiar!



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