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Welcome to Port Micro

Enjoy the views and then travel on to your next destination on this cruise via visual gates within the landscape. You can also transfer to alternative modes of transport via the controls at the lower right of the page.

Description of Micro:

Micro is unusual in that the hyperlink traveller is subjected to a (reversible) dimensional distortion during the journey. Basically, the world appears magnified to greater or lesser degree! MiltonCruiser offers four tours, each with a unique viewpoint on the world.

Scanner will appear the most familiar to the novice as, whilst the traveller is reduced to the centimeter scale, many objects will still be reassuringly familiar, though revealed in unexpected detail.

In Projection you are reduced to the same centimeter scale but everything in a stark two dimensional black and white imagery which is strangely beautiful.

Low power reduces the traveller to the millimeter scale but still presents subjects in a familiar lighting and context, though the subjects will be outside the usual visual repertoire of the uninitiated.

Microscope enters the tenth of millimeter or less scale. Subjects may be familiar or very unusual. Lighting effects vary. Visual clarity is restricted to a plane which removes the usual three dimensional experience, samples are either naturally very thin in depth or appear as a slice.



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